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Ceylonhighlights is one of the prominent tours & travel company providing all tours & travel solutions under one roof. We specialze in orgenizing individual tours, family tours, tailor made tours & package tours. We are associated with well experience, knowledgeable, license hold tour guides and shauffers. Ceylonhighlights is a small tour operator established in 2012 and start working as one of the pioneer tour operators in srilanka since 2015. Recognized by its professionalism, impressiveness and creative itineraries that provides. We provide you the most memorable travel experience. We are here to assist you in planning, organizing cultural, historical, adventure, jeep safaries and modern activities in srilanka. From Hold - yours - breath experiences, to small and unscripted moments of joy. Our ceylonhighlights team creates stories to tell for a lifetime!

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island found off the southern tip of India. Part of the South Asian subcontinent, this pearl of the Indian Ocean, (as it has been described for time immemorial) is a travellers’ paradise and the scenes of many historic events. According to its earliest historical record the Mahavansa, one of the first names it was called by was ‘Tambapanni’ when invaders landed from India they noticed the copper (Tamba) coloured sea-sand. The golden beaches of Sri Lanka are a testament to the fact that although over a 1000 years has passed since this incident was recorded not much has changed in the natural beauty of the island.

Over the centuries Sri Lanka became a melting pot of cultures as it was continually influenced by outside travellers, traders and explorers. Early Settlers came from many parts of the world with, food, dresses, languages, religions and customs left behind, intermingled and now form the multi-cultural experience that is Sri Lanka.

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